Kakookies Sampler Pack of packaged vegan and gluten free energy snack oatmeal cookies with plant based protein

Sampler Pack

Discover the deliciousness of each Kakookie flavor!

5 Cookie Assortment:

Almond Cranberry
Boundary Waters Blueberry
Cashew Blondie
Dark Chocolate Cranberry
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip


Our Sampler Pack is the perfect introduction to the Kakookie goodness! With 1 cookie each of all 5 flavors at a small price, it’s a great way to sample Kakookies.

What are Kakookies you ask? A Cookie Reimagined!

It’s the perfect balance! Everybody loves cookies...the taste, texture, and comfort they bring to any occasion! We combined all that homemade goodness and balanced it with ridiculously delicious real, better-for-you ingredients you and your customers can feel good about.

We know that making taste buds and your body feeling their best is important (and a total win-win, right?). So we created chewy, flavorful, nothing artificial, nutrient rich, grab-n-go cookies! Just real superfood ingredients (nuts, chia seeds, dried fruit) to refuel, reward and restore.

Kakookies are made with real food ingredients, plant-based protein, and ridiculously delicious

Kakookies are vegan, certified-gluten free and soy free and made with plant based protein


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