Kakookies (kah-cookies!)

Kakookies healthier energy snack cookies with plant based protein and superfood ingredients
Kakookies healthier vegan and gluten free cookies and energy snack with plant based protein and superfood ingredients

A delicious cookie meets plant-based nutrition!

In a world bursting with over processed snack bars, we dare to be different by creating deliciously flavorful, nutritious, grab-n-go "better for you" cookies! Created by a mom, you won't find anything artificial. Just real food, made with wholesome superfood ingredients that satisfy cravings and sustain energy!

Our Values

Our goal is to make a “better for you” cookie that still tastes great. We call it THE PERFECT BALANCE. Because life’s all about balance, right?
Short ingredient list

At Kakookies, we use nutrition packed ingredients. This includes nutrient-dense chia seeds, nuts (almonds, cashews), sunflower seeds, heart healthy whole grain and gluten free oats, coconut oil, antioxidant rich dried fruits, as well as the best tasting premium vanilla extract. Mmmm.

For more info, click on any flavor to see the specific ingredients and nutrition facts for each flavor!
No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. No flour or flour substitutes. No protein powders and no egg/dairy replacements. Just pure, real food ingredients!
We’re all busy, right? So we’ve made this tasty snack portable for any occasion. Individually sealed, grab and go goodness when you need it most! Throw in your purse, stash them in your desk, toss in your work out bag, pack in your suitcase or backpack for all of your outdoor or travel adventures. Good anytime, anywhere.
Lastly, but most importantly, DELICIOUS
I mean, they were created from a Pillsbury Bake-Off finalist and she knows how to bake. Just sayin.
CONCLUSION: You can have your cookie and eat it too!