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A Cookie Re-Imagined
A Better For You Cookie with Superfood Energy that tastes DELICIOUS!
Are you tired of energy bars or snacks that taste dry, chalky, or hard or crunchy?
Well you don't have to be. Rejuvenate your snack routine with Kakookies. Kakookies are made with superfood ingredients, have 4+ grams of plant based protein AND are soft, chewy, and pop with flavor! 
"I eat a lot of portable types of foods and have been accustomed to a chalky/dry taste. These are the complete opposite of that. They are really soft and full of flavor, it's like eating a homemade cookie straight from your grandma's oven!" - Justin Piontek, profession mountain biker

"All the flavors are delicious and my husband and son love them too! Plus the wholesome ingredients make me feel good about what I’m feeding my family!"

- Heather D
Premium Superfood Ingredients

Think energy packed, nutrient dense chia seeds, almonds, cashews, whole grain oats, and antioxidant rich cranberries, blueberries, or dark chocolate... not the mention the best tasting premium vanilla extract.

Nothing Artificial  •  Dairy Free  •  Egg Free  • Vegan  •  Certified Gluten-Free  •  Soy Free  •  Non GMO Ingredients

“All it takes is trying one and you'll have a new energy food you'll love!”  
- Ben M
"With all of my travel for cross country ski racing,  I get really tired of energy bars for on the go training snacks.  Kakookies are a nice change of pace while knowing I'm re-fueling with a healthy product!  I love Kakookies because they are satisfying, and are made of quality ingredients. My favorite is definitely BW Blueberry and Almond Cranberry, especially with coffee in the morning! They usually don't make it to the end of the workout."  
Jennie Bender, professional cross country ski racer
“I get excited just knowing I packed them!”  
- Abby S