Jennie Bender skiing Kakookies Tastemonial"With all of my travel for cross country ski racing,  I get really tired of energy bars for on the go training snacks.  Kakookies are a nice change of pace while knowing I'm re-fueling with a healthy product!  I love  Kakookies because they are satisfying, and are made of quality ingredients.  My favorite is definitely BW Blueberry and Almond Cranberry, especially with coffee in the morning! They usually don't make it to the end of the workout."   Jennie BenderProfessional Elite Cross Country Ski Racer, Team BSF -Bridger Ski Foundation 

Justin Piontek Mountain Biker Kakookies Tastemonial

"I’ve eaten tons of different “portable” types of bars and snacks, whether its training for my next race or traveling with the family, I'm always munching on something. I wish I would have come across these sooner! Imagine eating a soft, delicious homemade cookie straight from your grandmas oven, that's how good these are."  -Justin Piontek, Professional Mountain Biker, Team Neff Cycle Service/Rocky Mountain Bikes


Naomi Kakuk Rockettes Kakookies Tastemonial

"I just had to send you a quick note to tell you how RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING your cookies are! I usually avoid any gluten free baked goods because they're so dry, but these are some of the best cookies I've ever had." Naomi Kakuk, Broadway dancer/actor, former Radio City Rockette




Tiffany Pezzulo Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial

"These are awesome cookies without any qualifiers! I love the clean ingredients and as a result, they function as rewards and motivation fuel! Just finished a 5 hour ride? DEFINITELY have a Kakookies to fuel my workout and motivate my brain with something super yummy."  - Tiffany Pezzulo, professional cyclist; Visit Dallas DNA, 2015 overall USA Crits Champion  



Jade Wilcoxson Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial“After driving 8 hours home from Sea Otter Classic, it absolutely made my day to walk into the house and find a box of Sue Kakuk's Kakookies waiting for me! Thanks Sue for making my day!!!! These are hands down the top 5 best cookies of all time.”   Jade Wilcoxson, professional cyclist, USA Track and Road National Champion, Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies,  Beet Juice Powder http://www.purecleanpowder.com   


Brianna Walle Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial"They were DELICIOUS and we actually ate them all during our Kayaking weekend up in the San Juan Islands.  A delicious snack for bfast or mid-day snack even. One cookie  and I feel satisfied, where normally I'm eating 3-4 because normal "other" cookies are super sugary and don't have substance."  Brianna Walle, professional cyclist, 2016 Team Tibco, Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies


Jen Reither Kakookies Tastemonial

 “OMG  ~ Kakookies. The best cookies EVER! Who can resist portable cookies & milk.  I won't be sharing this batch." Jennifer Reither, cyclist/coach,outdoor enthusiast, Kakookies Collegiate All Stars women's director, Nature Valley Grand Prix Pro Chase Director, Vanderkitten Cycling 




Ben Menk Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial

"I ate a Kakookies after doing the Winter Solstice Pursuit race this year. I was hooked. I've always been a high energy/high burn athlete and am now doing ultra events (6 hours plus). I need food that tastes good and is easy to digest.   Kakookies provides great all natural energy and it tastes awesome, which is key to eating.  Filled with all natural good ingredients, my body loved them. I ate 6 Kakookies (along with sandwiches and other natural food) for my first Tuscobia 80 mile version of the winter ultra on a fat bike. I ended up in 4th and I felt I was bringing in the competition due to being able to keep my body fueled. Kakookies stay soft in the cold, and honestly all it takes is trying one and you'll have a new energy food you'll love!"  - Ben Menk, TeamSuperfast   

Missy Erickson Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial“I love sharing the Kakookies story, and the product with anyone I meet. There simply is no better cookie on the market.  Kakookies are easy to digest, easy to eat, and they are delicious. I know eating them during an event won't leave me with any problems. It's great to have a home style cookie, packaged and ready to take wherever I need to go. "” Missy Erickson, professional cyclistUS Team Sprint National Record Holder 2016 Olympic Long Team, UCI Track World Cup Medalist, US National Champ, National Record Holder, Track Record Holder, Collegiate All Star 

"Whether they are in my back pocket out riding, or on the seat next to me driving to go ski I know I have a healthy snack at my fingertips."  - Erik Slack, professional cyclist

"We had the pleasure of having your most wonderful cookies all week!  Seriously, we were blown away!!  They arrived in beautiful condition and were still moist and delicious when we finished them last night. We're hooked. They are different from any kind of cookies we've ever tried and are so incredibly delicious!"  Bonnie Forkner, food/artist blogger at Going Home to Roost 

Lindsay Bayer Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial “Came home to find a package of Kakookies; the best   tasting cookies I have ever had. This made my day!” Lindsay Bayer, professional cyclist,co-owner Super Mint USAThe Dirt Field



Christina Birch Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial"I've been eating KAKOOKIES since I was a Collegiate-All Star in 2013!  They were my favorite snack between events while racing the track omnium. Great fuel, delicious, and easy to pack through customs! Kakookies will ALWAYS be my snack of choice, on or off the bike!"  - Christina Birch, professional cyclist

Anna Christiansen Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial“YOM! Wholesome Breakfast Cookies are acceptable dinner food as long as they were made by Sue Kakuk! I am celebrating my birthday early, I just couldn't wait!”  Anna Grace Christiansen, professional cyclist, Visit Dallas DNA, Tiny Wooden Box




"I need to restock with your delicious snacks! I can't wait to take them on my long rides here over the next few weeks! xoxo JOY"  owner of Big Wheel Coaching
Kelli Richter Cycling Kakookies Tastemonial“Thank you to my amazing host mom Sue Kakuk for my box of Kakookies!!! (They're the most delicious breakfast cookies with no wheat or dairy) Remember the name- they will be famous!!!”  Kelli Richter, cyclist, Trainer/Coach                    


Pregnant Mom Kakookies Tastemonial

"Even as a picky and sickly pregnant person, your Kakookies rock my mornings!  I have them in the passenger seat of my little truck and eat my breakfast on the way to work"  - Elly P

-Michelle Khare, USA Cycling National U23 Criterium Championship, Kakookies Collegiate All Star, Video Producer for Buzzfeed Video and Helmet Head