To China and Back; Kakookies traveled 15,000 miles !

I just found a Kakookies in Jay’s travel backpack leftover from his trip to China 3 months ago.  It is still intact and fresh!  Most other cookies or snack bars would be crushed and crumbled after such an adventure.   Kakookies are a convenient snack or meal replacement while traveling.   Our family never leaves home without one or two! 

My friend Lee packed Kakookies for her recent trip to Kenya.   When they arrive Amsterdam at 5am, food vendors are not yet open, so having a pre-packaged Kakookies helped hold them over for a few hours.  They also came in handy when trouble arose while checking bags with the Skycaps.  “Would you like a cookie?”  she offered.  Everyone smiled and they were soon on their way.

Remember to pack a Kakookies the next time you travel… Just in case….

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