"The Super Hero of All Cookies"

We were so excited to read this awesome blog post about Kakookies from White Gloved Vegan!  Check it out below, plus they also have some delicious vegan and plant-based recipes!

"If you could put a cape on cookies and dub them with super hero status, their name would be Kakookies!

I say this because not only are these soft textured “kakookies” extremely delicious, but truly nutritious and full of superfoods. Not to mention that all of their cookies are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and soy-free. We’ve been eating these for breakfast every morning because who wouldn’t want to have cookies for breakfast guilt free?

Nowadays, there are so many “protein cookies” on the market so it’s refreshing to find a cookie that’s not jam-packed with additives and endless unreadable ingredients. Since going vegan, Alex and I started to really look into what’s in our food and aim for whole ingredients. Kakookies align perfectly with our plant-based diet and lifestyle.”

- White Gloved Vegan


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