Team Rio Grande, Nature Valley Grand Prix 2011

What were we thinking?   We just said good-bye to the Pro Chase and Collegiate All Star teams, and headed home to prepare for a whole new team traveling from Colorado. Our neighbor graciously also opened her home so we could accommodate everyone more comfortably. They were a hungry bunch and our garage quickly became a mini bike shop. As usual, we enjoyed conversations getting to know everyone.  I remember simple or silly things like Chad's favorite foods were ice cream and Thai Peanut Sauce, Trevor was following a Paleo Diet and preferred sleeping on the floor, John was allergic to dogs & cats, etc.   We attended all the races but this proved to be a difficult cheering year for us; we now had 15 racers from Training Camp plus 7 Team Rio Grande names to shout out!

We shared some wonderful meals together and we’ve stayed in touch with most of the team.  Jay and I feel blessed to have been their host family for the week!

John Phillips, Scott Glasscock, Scott Tietzel, Trevor Connor, Drew Christopher, Annie, Christin, Ian Holt, Chris Hillier, Chad Haga

The friendship and lasting relationships is why we open our home to be a host family. Thank you’s like this keep us smiling for a long time!  Thanks guys and hope to see you soon!

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