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Kakookies: the healthier cookies to buy for an on-the-go treat by Kelsey Dayton

Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team

Adelaide Tillinghast, Allison Arensman, Sue Kakuk, Doug, Ariane Horbach, Cynthia Lehner, Cecilia Davis Hayes, Michelle Khare, Kelly Catlin, Sara Bird

"You know that parent, the one who bakes cookies and sends them in care packages? Well, Sue Kakuk is that mom.

She sent cookies when her daughter or a teammate won a cycling race while competing for the University of Vermont. She sent cookies when one of them crashed. And, when she found out these athletes were fueling up before races at places like Dunkin’ Donuts, she created a healthier cookie for them to eat for breakfast.  After Sue’s daughter graduated college, Sue stayed connected with the cycling community and hosted teams that came to her hometown Minneapolis for what is now called the North Star Bike Festival each year."

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