2016 Collegiate All Stars Training Camp- Saturday evening

Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team Training Camp Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team Training Camp 

We believe in “clean eats” and offer more than “yummy treats” at CAS Training Camp. The Collegiate women are special, and we think they need to be treated special too with nutritious meals to fuel their demanding bodies.

Traveling, training, and competing in races is exhausting and most athletes are responsible for preparing their own meals. Even though they are very conscious of how to replenish and fuel their bodies, sometimes they just don’t have access to purchase certain foods. So, at Training Camp, we like to treat our guests with meals that are nutritious, but also make them feel special.   

Last Saturday evening, for our base meal, we prepared grilled salmon, raw zucchini noodle salad, & mango rice salad. A meal rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals because they deserve the best.
Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team Training Camp Healthy Salmon Dinner



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