Back to School: What's in Your Lunchbox?

I don’t recall my mom ever writing special notes but I always felt her presence when I unfolded my tin box at the lunch table and found hand made sandwiches and treats.  Soft, squishy white bread was in; home baked bread was out.

My sandwich was carefully wrapped in waxed paper (grated cheese and sliced green olives or MLP - mayonnaise, lettuce & peanut butter were my favorites), a small Tupperware cup containing cut up canned fruit, and usually a homemade cookie or bar.   Ziploc baggies, mini carrots, individual fruit cups or juice pouches didn’t exist then. My lunchroom beverage option consisted of a small glass bottle of room temperature milk (whole or 2%) with a foil top and a hole punched for a paper straw. On many occasions, I had the privilege of riding my bike home to enjoy a hot lunch with my Mom, at my own kitchen table.   My how things have changed!

When my children were young, school hot lunches were prepared off site, and delivered several hours later. Let’s say, my kids preferred to bring their own homemade lunch. It was our routine to pack tomorrow’s lunch while we cleaned up our evening meal. I was the mom that enjoyed cutting pieces into cute shapes or rolling sandwiches inside out. I enjoyed the challenge of accommodating each child’s different requests and sometimes sneaking “better for you foods” into familiar favorites.

I still continue to sneak good things into comfort foods, like cookies. So next time you’re packing a lunch, or looking for a portable wholesome snack to fuel your children on busy mornings, or after school activities, pack a Kakookies!

What's in Your Lunch Box?

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